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Water Kingdom Rates and Charges

Water kingdom in Mumbai is largest water park in whole Asia. It is a part of Essel world, biggest amusement park in Mumbai. Water kingdom Mumbai is ultimate holiday destination for kids and adults. It is over more than 60 acres of land with attractive features and ambiance, which invites people from all across world. It has some wonderful water rides and slides that will surely mesmerize a person. With attractive water kingdom rates, this place is best for vacation and leisure activities. There are different packages also that are available for people who want to enjoy at this wonderful water park. The water kingdom charges are according to height of a person. This is a most unique and different way of deciding water kingdom rates. Rates of water kingdom are different on weekdays and weekends as there is a lot of rush. As rates are as per height, children who are below height of 3 feet 3 inches can enjoy free entry. This is applicable on both weekdays and weekends. Children who are in between “3’3” and 4’6”” have to pay two hundred eighty on weekdays and three hundred eighty on weekends.

Adults do not have any concession or discounts, unless they are obtaining a package offered by water kingdom. For adults water Kingdome rates are, height above 4’6”, have to pay four hundred ten on weekdays and five hundred ten on weekends. For senior citizens there are concessions. People, who are above 60 years of age, have to pay 130 rupees during weekdays and 180 rupees during weekends. All water kingdom charges are inclusive of taxes. People can enjoy unlimited water rides and slides. On weekday’s water kingdom, Mumbai is open from morning 10 until evening 8; this time is for weekdays. In addition, on weekends, it is open from morning 10 until evening 9. There may be changes on rates and charges for different occasions and festivals which people can avail.

Admission Criteria Child height between 3'3" & 4'6" Adult height above 4'6" Sr. Citizen * age above 60 years
EsselWorld INR500 INR850 INR300
Water Kingdom INR600 INR950 INR300
Combined Ticket (EsselWorld + Water Kingdom) INR890 INR1190 INR400
Passport Next Annual Pass INR1190 INR1490


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