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Terrific Tuesday Offer

Stressed? Let’s do something magical to release the stress from the day to day disciplined life. Essel World and Water Kingdom presents ‘Terrific Tuesdays’, an offer in which you will have:

  • Free coupons worth Rs 400 (INR 300 within the F&B zone and INR 100 within the Paid Attraction Zone) with every INR 790 entry ticket that you purchase.
  • Free coupons worth Rs 450 (INR 350 within the F&B zone and INR 100 with Paid Attractions zone).

Let’s ask for more. The purchase is valid for all the four Tuesdays in a month. That’s not all if you book now you get half the value back straight away.

Note: Remember this unique offer is only for online mode and not considered for any other mode.

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