Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom

An amusement park in Gorai, Mumbai, India, is Essel world. Spread over “64” acres, it attracts approximately “10,000” customers on daily basis. People from “Malad” and “Borivali” can easily reach Essel world and water kingdom in mumbai. “Shri created this amusement park in 1986. Shubash Chandra”. In the year 1998, water kingdom was one more feather in cap of Essel group. 

There are total thirty-four rides excluding handle bar games.

“Essel world” and “water kingdom” are the parts of Essel group. Annual turnover of this group is somewhere around 40 crores. It is now a huge success for Essel group as people love to have fun in this amusement park and water kingdom.

“PIPPL” (Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd) is holding Essel group and both Essel World and Water Kingdom. They are legends in vacation and entertainment business. It is considered, Asia’s largest and biggest amusement park and Water Park. People have a good and wonderful working environment in water kingdom mumbai. They can have a good time with their family and friends and kids love to enjoy in both Water Park and amusement park. It has an ambiance that is very attractive and beautiful. It is best water kingdom in Mumbai and travel destination. Pleasure and fun both is at water kingdom in Mumbai. There are different leisure activities that done at water kingdom mumbai by both adults and kids. Standards of this place are international and are known for its hygiene and safety. These features help a person in getting international experience of a water kingdom.  Some daredevil rides are suitable for only those who have a brave heart.

There are different types of entertainment that can be found in this park. Essel world has mixed adventure with pleasure. There are more than 100 water slides in water kingdom. Fast food centers are also available in this place for people who get tired and hungry.  It has a record of having more than 2 million visitors in a year, in which more than three lacs are students. There are special packages offered to schools and organizations. People from all across world come to this place for having fun and enjoinment.  People are attracted towards this place because of its features and other amenities that are unique.

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